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Prosthodontips – occlusion revisited: part one
In this Prosthodontips column, Zohaib kicks off a many series where he takes a closer look at occlusion and discusses…
Prosthodontips – restoration of a lower second molar
This month’s prosthodontips is about a common clinical scenario that can very easily catch you out; restoration of a lower…
Prosthodontips – resin-retained bridges: fun and predictable
In this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh and Zo take a closer look at RRBs and how to create a favourable long-term…
Prosthodontips – what’s the solution to occlusion confusion?
In this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh Sharpling and Zo Ali explore the confusing area of occlusion, when problems occur and when…
Prosthodontips – immediate dentures
In this prosthodontips column Josh and Zo will talk about immediate dentures – with the focus on immediate complete dentures.…
Prosthodontips – implant salvage
In the Prosthodontips column this month, Josh Sharpling and Zohaib Ali discuss refurbishing an implant-retained bridge. As implant restorations become…
Implant dentistry
Prosthodontips – unstuck: composites
This month Josh Sharpling and Zohaib Ali discuss the difficulties over choosing the correct composite material for your restorations. Composites…
Aesthetic dentistry
Prosthodontips – canine guidance or group function?
In this month’s Prosthodontips, Josh Sharpling and Zohaib Ali cover the thorny subject of occlusion and whether to restore by…
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