The London Dentistry show is coming soon

London dentistry showHere we profile two exciting speakers at the London Dentistry Show.

The London Dentistry Show 2021 will be held on Friday 17-18 September, at Olympia London.

It is one of the first bigger face-to-face events to be held in the UK since COVID-19 hit.

Jalpesh Patel

Dr Jalpesh Patel is a founder and trainer for RASA Academy. RASA Academy are a leading provider of educational courses in facial aesthetics in the UK. Dr Jalpesh Patel will be speaking at the London Dentistry Show 2021.

Among the many big stories to have grabbed headlines in recent times, we will all have seen those touting the significantly increased demand for ‘tweakments’. These non-surgical facial aesthetic procedures are fast becoming the norm for individuals throughout society. Many cite the time spent on video calls as reasons for making small improvements to their appearance.

In addition to a whiter, brighter smile, many people are considering treatments that enhance the look of their lips, cheeks, eyes and necks, designed to fight the signs of aging or simply optimise natural features. The results can be much greater than just fuller lips or fewer fine lines – the boost in confidence and self-esteem is often just as important, if not the main motivating factor for repeat customers. Jalpesh is an expert in this area.

He said: ‘The demand from patients seeking cosmetic dental treatments has been increasing yearly and facial aesthetics essentially forms an extension of this. The number of patients seeking injectable treatments has been rising, alongside increased public awareness regarding some of the risks involved.

A medically orientated environment such as the dental setting provides an ideal location to have injectable treatments of this nature. Dr Patel will be speaking within the Private & Aesthetic Zone at The London Dentistry Show. The session is ‘Facial Aesthetics: Education and current regulatory landscape’.

Paul Tipton 

Dr Paul Tipton will present at the London Dentistry Show in September in the Clinical Excellence Theatre, discussing ‘occlusion for the GDP – does it matter’.

The key to success in private practice is mostly being able to do restorative and aesthetic dentistry well. In addition to providing quick adult anterior orthodontics. These three disciplines are predictable when attention is paid to occlusion, before, during and after treatment. Failure to understand the most fundamental topic in dentistry will most often result in failures, loss of confidence and possible litigation.

The carrot and the stick are known as the two basic ways to influence behaviour. I will look at both. From a carrot point of view, it’s imperative to understand occlusion so your work succeeds long-term and you achieve a stable end result. This breeds confidence and reputation that is so important in private practice.

He said: ‘The stick is, of course, avoiding litigation and staying on the register. My presentation will focus on both and also give delegates the basics of how to start their occlusal journey.’   

London Dentistry Show

Event: London Dentistry Show 2021

Date: Friday 17 and Saturday 18 September

Location: Olympia London


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