Can art help promote your practice, whilst also relaxing your patients?

Zibasmile LondonZibasmile London explains how art can help relax patients during treatments, but also inform them at the same time.

Many dental practices are cold and sterile places striking terror into the hearts of patients (and sometimes clinicians!). But not those that actively invest in making the right first impressions.

Zibasmile London can make dentistry a fun and engaging experience.

‘It takes seven seconds to form a first impression’ – Forbes magazine 2018

We all know that first impressions are very important, but not how little time we have to make one.

Within the first seven seconds of meeting, a person will make their mind up about you or a place and it is often then difficult to change. A smile is the most welcoming facial expression. But we are all wearing masks now! A permanent smile on your wall is the solution.

The world of healthcare services is more competitive than ever, with most practices using the same methods to promote their businesses. This repetitive business model can become very stagnant.

Art is a powerful tool for self-promotion, offering a fresh perspective, when properly executed and customised to that practice.

‘The dental industry is stressful, especially in a post-COVID world. Why not bring a little colour and a fresh perspective into your day-to-day operations?’ – Maral Caine

Art can successfully calm nervous patients, increase the aesthetic of a dental practice and also provide a luxurious environment and attention to detail.

Here is where a well-placed piece of art, perfectly suited and customised to that practice’s specialism can really make the difference!

Paintings and prints can remove negative feelings towards dentistry. They can engage a patient but also provide valuable information about the importance of oral health.

Zibasmile London offers bespoke medical illustrations/animations designed to help with information and demonstrations. Patient understanding is vital, ensuring understanding of a treatment plan.

For example, why not have short animated activities playing on overhead ceiling TVs (if you have one) to keep the mind occupied for nervous patients, or even a complex art print that the patient can focus on.

My husband, Marcus, says: ‘I focus on a crack or a tile in the ceiling, anything to distract me’. So why not make it informative and engaging.

From stressed to zen… in three…two…one…

According to a study conducted at the University of Westminster, viewing art for as little as 30 minutes can lower the concentration of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body.

This will not only result in a calmer, happier overall mood, but also may decrease perception of pain as well. Most dental appointments and consultations are at least 30 minutes.

Therefore placing colourful, relevant art around the practice, it can be welcoming, calming and a distraction for nervous patients from any age.

Great for the team too

Yep, that’s right.

With emotions still very much running high, art may increase productivity, enhance calm, while boosting the overall effectiveness of the dental team.

Staff turnover is one of the single most expensive parts of running a business.

‘65% of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network’ – Forbes magazine 2013

Let’s be honest here. How many times have you passionately poured your heart out telling your patients the pros (and cons) of a treatment, for them to just forget most of what you said or think you said? This seems like a missed opportunity to me.

For visual learners, verbal or audio instructions tend to be forgotten or partially forgotten, even if they are written down.

Visual demonstrations are far more effective and emphasise the importance of what you are saying.

Learning has permanently changed. Almost constant sieving of information has meant that our brains will skim content and rapidly draw conclusions.

Going through instructions and ensuring the patient has understood is time consuming and we all know how important time is.

So why not get right to it with a medical/dental Illustration or animation that saves 1,000 words and precious time within the practice.

Ou5 b4a1ns a11 wo5k t4e sam3! – know your customer.

Here are seven reasons to consider practice art installations

  1. Boosting morale within your team
  2. Calming effects for nervous patients
  3. Luxury feel within your practice – making lasting impressions
  4. Ice breakers for conversation
  5. Scientifically known to reduce stress
  6. Visually informative for patients
  7. Boost income.

Further ideas

Why not see what the impact of tailored branding (business cards, logo re-design, website re-branding) and art can have a positive impact.

Zibasmile London offers a variety of custom solutions to ensure that seamless impact factor is one less thing to worry about in your practice. Book a consultation to discuss further.

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