The composite for highly aesthetic fillings

IPS Empress Direct is a highly aesthetic composite for filling cavities in anterior and posterior teeth.

It is available in five different translucency levels. Therefore, clinicians can faithfully reproduce different types of anatomical features.

  • Lifelike shades for natural-looking restorations
  • Convenient handling for sophisticated requirements
  • Long-lasting aesthetic results
  • Clever mastery of demanding restorations
  • Easy application of shade nuances with Trans Opal.

Lifelike shades for natural-looking restorations

Since the dentine and enamel parts of the tooth do not have the same translucent properties, clinicians need more than one single shade to imitate the natural tooth structure and all its special optical features.

The IPS Empress Direct shade system is based on the principle that dentine structure is replaced by a dentine substitute and enamel structure by an enamel substitute.

The dentine materials feature true-to-nature opaque properties. They therefore influence the overall shade from within the tooth.

The enamel materials are more translucent. This then allows light to scatter naturally in the dentine material.

The three additional materials Trans 20, Trans 30 and Trans Opal are also available for controlling light reflections in the incisal region. These effects closely imitate those of the existing tooth structure.

Precise shade selection

There are two IPS Empress Direct shade guides. One for enamel and one for dentine materials. This enables you to facilitate the suitable shade.

Ivoclar makes the shade samples of superior quality ceramic. This assures optimum shade stability and therefore reliable shade selection.

A long-lasting smile

Restorations made with IPS Empress Direct last for a long time.

Since its introduction, IPS Empress Direct has been one of the leading aesthetic composites on the market.

More than 25 million fillings have been placed with the composite throughout the world*.

Many happy and satisfied patients attest to the product’s long-lasting and aesthetic properties.

The case of a 33-year-old patient shows that the aesthetic results remained constant over a seven-year period. Very little wear occurred.

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