Tepe expands oral care range with new hydrating mouthwash and hydrating mouth gel

Hear from Mike Lewis, a professor in oral medicine, about how TePe helps to tackle dry mouth discomfort by providing long-lasting comfort and protecting teeth.

TePe has introduced TePe Hydrating Mouthwash and TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel, an innovative oral care range developed to combat dry mouth symptoms. This range provides long-lasting comfort and helps protect oral health.

According to studies (TePe, 2023), about one in five of the general population experiences dry mouth (xerostomia). The number is higher in some groups, such as elderly people, women going through the menopause, and individuals suffering from certain illnesses (diabetes, Sjögren’s syndrome, Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s) or taking several medications. There are over 500 prescriptions drugs which have dry mouth listed as a side effect (Porter et al, 2004).

Experiencing dry mouth can also be connected to cancer treatment, dehydration, stress, exercise use of caffeine, alcohol, drugs or mouth breathing. This rather common condition does affect people of all ages and can negatively influence ones quality of life. Without normal salivary function, the risk of caries and other oral conditions increases significantly.

What do dry mouth sufferers say?

One third (33%) of those affected in their daily life say that their self confidence is negatively affected.

From those suffering more severely, 35% say it affects their sleep.

And 62% do not talk about their dry mouth condition.

‘The TePe range made my mouth feel hydrated, fresh and significantly better’
‘They really do work well together and will be products I add to my shopping list in the future’

(TePe Hydrate Trial, 2023)

TePe Hydrating Mouthwash and TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel are essential comfort from dry mouth. The symptoms, which range from mild to severe, include extreme thirst, difficulties chewing or swallowing, a sticky, dry feeling in the mouth, bad breath, a sore throat and dry, cracked lips.  

Dry mouth doesn’t just affect comfort; decreased saliva production also increases the risk of oral health issues, such as tooth decay, infections and gum disease (gingivitis).

Developed by dental experts, TePe Hydrating Mouthwash and TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel help to soothe the mouth and stimulate saliva production.

During research trials currently 85% strongly/slightly agreed that the range helped soothe my dry mouth symptoms (TePe Hydrate Trial, 2023).

TePe Hydrating Mouthwash 

TePe Hydrating Mouthwash is a gentle formula which soothes and moisturises the oral cavity for long-lasting comfort and effective alleviation from dry mouth.

The hydrating oral care solution contains 0.2% (910ppm) fluoride to provide effective protection against cavities – a crucial defence against the increased oral health risks associated with dry mouth.

To cater to patient preference and those with dry, sensitive mouths, TePe Hydrating Mouthwash is available in two flavours, mild apple-peppermint and unflavoured. During research trials currently 85% strongly/slightly agreed that the mouthwash helped to soothe dry mouth symptoms (TePe Hydrate Trial, 2023).

TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel

For dry mouth sufferers seeking immediate and long-lasting comfort, TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel offers a gentle, moisturising solution.

Available in a mild peppermint and unflavoured variety, TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel soothes the oral cavity, providing sustained comfort.

It also has a convenient pump dispenser to facilitate easy application, making it an ideal on-the-go solution.

Patients suffering from dry and sensitive mouths may also benefit from TePe Pure Toothpaste, unflavoured and mild peppermint, that doesn’t contain SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), which can irritate the oral mucosa.

Millions of people suffer daily with the uncomfortable and at times, debilitating symptoms of dry mouth. Along with the physical side effects, our latest research shows that one in three dry mouth sufferers also experience negative self-confidence due to the condition (TePe, 2023) . Yet, effective oral care solutions for dry mouth remain scarce. There is also a lack of awareness about the condition and its implications for oral health.
Kelly Dunwell
Brand manager at TePe

Kelly added: ‘TePe Hydrating Mouthwash and TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel were developed by dental experts in response to demand for an oral health solution that provides long-lasting comfort and alleviation from dry mouth symptoms, whilst protecting the teeth and gums.

‘The new hydrating range reflects our commitment to developing high quality oral health products, which promote long-term wellbeing and quality of life.’

TePe Hydrating Mouthwash (RRP: £8.00) and TePe Hydrating Mouth Gel (RRP: £6.40) are available now from dental wholesalers and TepeDirect.com.


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