My Castellini – with Kevin Dobbs

My CastelliniHere Kevin Dobbs explains why an ability to rely on the best dental equipment is vital to ensure his Academy can function at an optimum level.

Dr Kevin Dobbs runs the Dental Academy in Daresbury, Cheshire. This is a longstanding private practice which accepts referrals from across the north west of England.

To enable the Academy to service the needs of all the referring professionals, he has assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of clinicians. Each with a special interest in a particular aspect of dental care.

Building the Dental Academy

The first thing you want as a dentist is to go into work and know that your surgery is in good working order.

We moved to our current location 21 years ago. We held a grand opening with marquee in the grounds. As well as an education day for our referrers, which was a fantastic start to the clinic.

Few people knew that the team from RPA Castellini were here until the early hours of the morning. Long after other contractors had left for home. They put the final touches to the new surgery installations.

We went from a large dilapidated domestic dwelling to a fully functioning dental practice in six weeks.

At opening, we had two surgeries installed by RPA. It is testament to the quality of their team that the planning and execution of those surgeries was without incident, set back or delay.

Sticking with Castellini

In September I installed my 10th Castellini chair having remained loyal to the brand for the last 21 years. Of course, it is a bonus to love the design appearance of the chairs. But what matters most for us is the reliability of the units.

I would say that the Castellini chair has evolved rather than changed fundamentally over the years; it is roughly the same design – which has always been contemporary and ergonomic.

However, we have seen more and more features appearing. It has become more technologically sophisticated, but is still simple to operate.

Reliability is everything to us. We cover ourselves by taking out a service pack so we just know that our units will be continually looked after.

The service offered by RPA Dental is second to none – we are really impressed with it. That’s a massive reason why dentists should consider Castellini, as peace of mind is so important.

I am in the process of changing a 15-year-old unit, which still looks brand new. This is because it is incredibly durable and has been serviced so well.

My Castellini Skema

Customised for every operative

The Castellini range is great. It gives you the ability to customise your unit to suit your individual needs.

The range is wide and there a unit to suit each need. So our hygienist has one that is different from the one our dentists use, and his is also different from our surgical chairs.

Whichever bit of equipment you need at hand, whether it is an ultrasonic scaler, an apex locator, a surgical handpiece for implant placement, a specific camera, you name it, it is possible to incorporate the features you want into the unit. Making it fully functional for each operator, and intuitive to use.

And of course, for my work, the handpieces are very easy to control and the new overhead light is incredibly good. In fact probably the best I have used so far. The handsfree control feature is so useful. As is the ability to control the intensity and value of the light.

From a cross infection control viewpoint, even more so now with COVID-19, I am very impressed by the ability to clean down the units. The cross infection features are really good. There is a very reliable cleaning system, which cleans the airline and waterline at the end of each day.

Comparing my Castellini

If my Castellini units were cars, I would compare them with a Tesla. They are very functional, ergonomic, neat, with a very clean line.

If they were a watch, I would liken them to a Rolex. Well designed and manufactured, and if well-serviced, long lasting.

When you purchase a unit, you need to know it is going to last a long time, that it will stand up to a lot of wear, and will give you value for money. My Castellini gives me all that. And its reliability gives me peace of mind every day.

For more information about Kevin Dobb’s Castellini, please visit

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