Job application: business development 2021

Dear practice owner,

I’d like to apply for a job at your practice please. Will you take a few moments to consider my application?

Job title: business and personal coach

Start date: 1 January 2021.

Duration: 12 months (but you can fire me any time you like if I don’t meet your expectations).

Salary: £3,600 per annum all in (that’s just £300 per calendar month) – and there is no NIC. The money you pay me will, of course, be fully tax deductible.

Benefits: I do not require any health insurance, pension, life cover, expenses, bonus or an invite to next year’s Christmas party.

Working conditions: I don’t need an office, a desk, chair telephone or computer, a uniform, a locker, any business cards. Oh – and you don’t need to be nice to me if you aren’t happy.


  • I’m one of the most positive people you will ever meet. My enthusiasm and drive therefore inspire others to do their best work
  • I’m not scared of getting my hands dirty. Also, confrontation doesn’t worry me, I tell the truth about what I see
  • I have a 26-year track record of helping dental business owners to make more profit in less time
  • I also pride myself on being a thought-leader and innovator in the business of dentistry
  • In the last nine months I have led the way for a community of 150 practices. Together we have survived and thrived during the pandemic.

How am I going to do my job at your practice?

Here’s a list of eight ways in which I intend to become the lowest paid member of your team in 2021. But make the biggest impact:

  1. The Extreme Business Academy – I bring with me an innovative e-learning platform and will grant free access to all of your team members and self-employed clinicians. They will then join an existing community of over 1,100 dental team members who regularly watch training videos, tutorials, interviews and courses on every aspect of the business of dentistry. Either as an onboarding process for new team members or a refresher for your experienced team. You will have a ready-made online business school for your team
  2. The Facebook/workplace – you may not be familiar with this service designed for business. But anybody familiar with a Facebook profile or page will pick it up in minutes. Our workplace is a private social media platform. Here we share daily updates with all owners, managers and team members. It keeps you abreast of the very latest developments in the dental landscape. We also encourage regular online chat between members. A place where all your team can get questions answered by their peers
  3. The Extreme Buying Group – it started with over £500,000 of PPE. But has now expanded into securing favourable terms for other products, supplies and professional services. The buying group is a non-profit activity. We pass all benefits on to the members and we have been able to secure some attractive deals and discounts
  4. The Weekly Owners and Managers webinar – every Tuesday evening at 19:00, I facilitate a live webinar for an hour. We review breaking news in the world of business and dentistry. Sharing ideas with our clients and inviting guest speakers on topical subjects – all calls are also recorded
  5. The Extreme Weekly Tracker – every Friday morning I will invite you to send me an update of what’s working, what isn’t and ask you to let me know how best I can help in the following week. I will reply to every weekly report individually
  6. Unlimited email and Zoom support on demand – I am available five days week to answer your questions and offer my support on every aspect of your business. Whether it is strategy, financial management, marketing, the patient journey, operational systems, leadership and team management. You are never alone
  7. The Associate Development Programme – I will facilitate a monthly live evening webinar for your associates. Here we deliver a programme of continuous development on the business and communication aspects of associateship
  8. The Quarterly Team Development Programmes – recognising your limited time, I’ll take the initiative in training your team. Every Thursday lunchtime I will facilitate a live webinar (recorded). I will run four programmes during the year:
    1. January 2021 for 12 weeks: The Management Development Programme – suitable for all those managing systems and leading people
    2. April 2021 for 12 weeks: The Financial Management Development Programme – suitable for all those who are responsible for bookkeeping, accounting and the financial analysis of business performance
    3. July 2021 for 12 weeks: The Patient Experience Programme – suitable for front desk, telephony, TCO and also all those engaged in patient communication
    4. October 2021 for 12 weeks: The Marketing Development Programme – suitable for all those responsible for advertising, marketing and TCO.

I hope you will agree with me that this represents amazing value for money. It also reflects the challenging times in which we all operate.

I’ve realised that the more I can help your team, the more I help you as you are already busy. So through my Associate Development Programme and the quarterly team development programmes, I want to help you to focus on your unique abilities. Foremost of which is delivering the dentistry and bringing in the cash flow!

Consequently, I want to give you back 10x your investment in me. In extra profit, time gained and an enabled team around you. As well as access to my experience in helping you make the big decisions.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and/or attend a brief no-obligation video interview for the job I’m applying for. Just drop me an email at [email protected] and I’ll happily arrange a date and time for us to speak.

It might just be the best £3,600 investment you ever made.

References available upon request.

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