Making a good impression

PrimescanClinical partners at Ten Dental, Nikhil Sisodia and Martin Wanendeya, explain how intraoral scanning and the taking of digital impressions enabled them to introduce safe, fast and effective dental care for their patients.

The taking of analogue impressions has long been one of the most time-consuming, routine procedures in dentistry. And it has also never provided a great patient experience.

Add to this the extended turnaround time for restorations, which can take up to two weeks. Factor in the risk of patients losing interest if the practice prolongs treatment. Then you have a whole host of reasons why Nik and Martin have chosen to adopt a digital pathway for their practice.

Patient comfort and confidence is now a really big consideration for practices.

In the below video, Martin explains how he recently saw a patient who had avoided the dentist because of a gag reflex that was causing her problems whenever impressions were required. This was having a very detrimental effect on her oral health.

Martin says: ‘The relief on her face that I was using an intraoral scanner rather than traditional impression materials was tangible. To give her treatment and get her past her fear of the dentist was all down to gagging. It was a really big benefit for her.’

Patient engagement

At Ten Dental, they actively encourage patients to engage with their treatment. The fact they can see instant, full colour, 3D results of their digital scan on screen amplifies their interest.

Patients are then excited by what they see and often want to touch the screen and manipulate the images, as they would do on their own digital devices.

This engagement also enables the dentists to really understand what the patient’s real treatment goals are. It is therefore an important tool in helping to improve treatment acceptance.

The instant feedback after capturing a digital dental impression allows Martin and Nik to evaluate the scan before the patient leaves the chair. It gives the clinician the opportunity to adjust the preparation if necessary, eliminating the need for costly remakes.

This visibility of information is a huge benefit and improves communication, both with patients but also with laboratory partners.

Martin says: ‘You can see a digital impression properly and see what the lab technician is going to get. Consequently everyone can see the same information.’

Digital impressions made easy

Today’s patients are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of digital dentistry. They are therefore actively seeking out practices that can offer faster, highly aesthetic, patient-focused dental care.

Primescan from Dentsply Sirona is the latest generation of intraoral scanner. It offers the perfect first step into digital dentistry.

Intraoral scanning with Primescan is:

  • Fast – up to 50,000 images per second
  • Accurate – smart pixel sensor and dynamic depth scan technology gives perfect sharpness, even in up to 20mm depth
  • Easy to use – increased field of view scans larger areas with fewer sweeps
  • Provides an open, validated and seamless workflow.

Primescan is the intraoral scanning choice for leading dental professionals who want to offer patients the benefits of digital impressions and experience integrated workflows across a range of dental disciplines. This includes orthodontics, dental implants and also restorative dentistry.

Watch the video with the clinicians at Ten Dental now or to book a Primescan digital impressions consultation visit




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