Andrea Ubhi chats with Sam Waley-Cohen

This month Dr Andrea Ubhi author, speaker and equality advocate talks with Sam Waley-Cohen, CEO and founder of Portman Dental Care on the power of collaboration as an industry.

In this interview Sam shares the inspiration behind the Portman group. The importance of its culture and a people-centric ethos as the reason behind its rapid growth.

Sam shares the Portman roadmap for returning to business post COVID-19. As well as facing the inevitable challenges of a new way of operating a group with 10,000 patient appointments per day. He also explains the importance of adapting and adjusting as macro trends accelerate. And why dentistry needs a greater share of voice in the healthcare industry.

The takeaway advice:

  • Seize the opportunity of dentistry macro-trends that will accelerate post-lockdown
  • Stand by your vision, purpose and values to accelerate no matter the size of your practice/s
  • Be open and collaborate, it will save you time and learn
  • Face the financial challenges ahead by controlling what you can control
  • Listen and be responsive to consumer trends.

Who is Sam Waley-Cohen?

Sam Waley-Cohen is CEO and founder of  Portman Dental Care. The group has 160 practices across the UK and Europe. Sam founded Portman Healthcare in 2008, with the vision to develop a truly patient-centric, privately focused dental group, which then allows clinicians the autonomy to provide the best possible patient care. He is responsible for Portman Healthcare’s overall strategy and focus.

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