Reopening dental practices – how to manage your patients’ return to health

I love 8 June reopening (England only). Do you?

Let’s now forget our patients knew we were opening before us.

I have prepared a short special training video on ‘how to stop your phones blowing off the hook.’ And how not to annoy your patients and manage their return to health and well being.

Three big ideas in this video:

  • How to communicate with your patients
  • What to say when reopening
  • Which media to use.

Finally, I love 8 June, and so should you and your team. It’s finally happened. I am sincerely sorry for other countries but hopefully, they will follow soon. Congratulations on a historic moment in dentistry.

A complimentary full two-hour video training answering all your questions and concerns over the first 42 days of opening is available here

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