Coronavirus – the view from Spain (day 24)

Tony Gedge give us his latest update from Spain on how the coronavirus is impacting him and dental practices around the world.

Spain is currently on lockdown, with people consequently only going out to for grocery shopping or selected jobs.

Tony has therefore taken the time to update on the current position from Spain and give his thoughts on how dental practices should deal with the coronavirus.

Creating videos

We’re in an age now where everybody is using videos to communicate, but we need to use videos responsibly. There are three purposes to creating a video:

  • Engage
  • Deliver your information
  • Motivate the people watching it.

In this video, Tony gives three ideas on how to do this through video. Firstly he says you need to build trust. To do this we need to engage, eye to eye, don’t read off a script. Secondly, include a motivating message in the video. Finally, include a call to action at the end of the video. What do you want people to do at the end of the video?

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