Achieving our dental nirvana

Dr Bashar Al-Naher, a dentist and principal of The Care Dental Group in Hammersmith, will be presenting a series of videos on how you can employ psychological techniques to improve your mental wellbeing.

The programme aims to provide the tools and skills, which will enable dentists to deal with day-to-day stresses and give them the strength to reach their potential.

Dr Bashar realised early on in his career the link between positive psychology and a successful and fulfilling working environment. He also practices what he preaches and has built up two award-winning practices from scratch. This was an experience that was not stressful but enlightening and rewarding; sentiments echoed by the whole of his team.

Dr Bashar is a clinician first and foremost. This is why his talks contain only evidence-based techniques, widely practised within the field of clinical psychology. His approach to dentistry, will impact both your professional and your personal life, after all, most of us are not just dentists – we are also husbands/wives/friends/sons/daughters.

Dr Bashar will therefore be presenting aspects of the program through videos on this website, The first will be available on Monday 13 April at 10am.

Learning objectives

  1. Make you aware of the importance of self-knowledge and self-development
  2. Show you how to reduce or eliminate negative emotions, such as stress and anxiety
  3. Teach you how to enhance positive emotions, such as peace and fulfilment
  4. Communicate how you can be pro-active, giving you the techniques to ensure greater motivation, commitment and stamina.

Help and training for this presentation was provided by Glenn Kinsey.

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