Flexibility re-engineered with the Medentika abutment

Medentika abutmentsStraumann introduces the Medentika abutment, carefully designed to make even complex prosthetic solutions easier for the clinician.

Flexibility is a crucial aspect of every modern clinician’s armamentarium. Only with high quality and versatile solutions can we deliver first-class dental implant treatment to patients with different needs yet similarly high expectations.

Straumann therefore applies this concept to many of the industry-leading products and systems within the Straumann Group brand. Among them is the Medentika ASC (Angulated Screw Channel) Flex abutment.

Simplifying the workflow

The state-of-the-art abutment features a titanium base. The careful design makes even complex prosthetic solutions easier for the clinician. Where a dental implant is less than ideally placed, or a case is aesthetically challenging, the clinician can move the screw access channel to a more palatal position, by up to 25 degrees. This means that the clinician can move the channel to an area that doesn’t impact aesthetic and/or functional considerations. All of this enhances the results during an implant restoration.

Improving aesthetics

The optimised, slimmer emergence profile is designed to support the soft tissue and further encourage highly aesthetic treatment outcomes. With regards to the restorative phase, the Medentika ASC Flex features a 0.6mm step width. This consequently provides compatibility with various restorative materials.

Ensuring longevity

Delivering strength and long-term reliability, the internal rotation lock secures the precise positioning of the abutment crown for long-term reliability. Combined with the rounded design, this also helps to reduce the stress on the restoration to minimise the risk of breakages. The bio-platform design (slightly tapered) further strengthens the bonding interface by holding the bonding material in place and reducing any possible gaps in the gingival region.

A new level of versatility and reliability

Bringing it all back to versatility, the Medentika ASC Flex is also available in four chimney heights. It starts at 6.5mm and the clinician can adapt it by reducing the vertical height to 5.5mm, 4.5mm or 3.5mm. This provides the perfect height for a wide range of clinical situations.

The Medentika ASC Flex doesn’t restrict practitioners to using only one type of dental implant. They can use the Medentika ASC Flex with most major implant systems, so you retain all the flexibility you need to continue with the products that work best in your hands.

A brand you can trust

Offering complete peace of mind is the heritage behind the Medenitka ASC Flex. It builds on the success of previous generations – in fact, Medentika brought the first titanium base to the dental market several years ago.

This is one of the many reasons why the Medentika ASC Flex is a trusted solution within the Straumann Group. If you deliver a range of dental implant treatments, find out more about how this product range could offer your workflow the flexibility you need to maintain high clinical standards every time. Discover flexibility re-engineered, discover Medentika ASC Flex from the Straumann Group.

For more information about the Medentika ASC Flex, please visit www.straumann.com/medentika/us/en/dentistry.html.

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