Walking towards wellness: Walk & Talk 4 Dentistry 2024

Walking towards wellness: Walk & Talk 4 Dentistry 2024

Introducing the Walk & Talk 4 Dentistry campaign – helping dental teams prioritise their mental health through walking this May.

Justin Leigh, the founder of Focus4Growth and Walk and Talk 4 Men in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, has been leading the charge in promoting proactive support for men’s mental health and wellbeing. Three years ago, he initiated Walk and Talk 4 Men, fostering a community where men come together to walk, talk, and provide mutual support.

As May is dedicated to both National Walking and Mental Health Awareness, it presents the perfect opportunity for individuals and teams to prioritise their mental wellbeing. In alignment with this, FMC is supporting the Walk & Talk 4 Dentistry campaign with Justin Leigh, to champion positive mental health and wellbeing within dental teams across the UK and Ireland.

Join in!

As part of this campaign, dental teams are encouraged to dedicate just 30 minutes of one lunchtime in May to walk and talk with their colleagues. The benefits of this simple activity are well documented, offering a chance to decompress, alleviate stress, and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of nature.

This initiative provides an opportunity for teams to step outside the confines of the dental practice. It can foster deeper connections, provide support, and emphasise the importance of incorporating positive conversations into the working day.

How to get involved

We invite dental teams nationwide to join us in creating a space for walking and talking this May. Share your participation by documenting your walks and conversations, using the hashtag #walkandtalk4dentistry on social media.

Together, let’s amplify the conversation surrounding mental health and wellbeing within the dental profession, not just for May, but for the months and years to come.

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