A smile for everyone with Neoarch

Straumann explains how its Neoarch solution offers practitioners maximum flexibility with optimal aesthetics.

The demand for dental implants continues to increase in the UK and abroad. The reasons for this trend will likely include greater patient expectations for fixed solutions to missing teeth. As well as an ageing population that is willing to invest in their quality of life.

When it comes to full-mouth rehabilitations, the quality and reliability of the implant system you use is crucial. You need a solution you can trust to ensure stability of results. All whilst also maintaining the patient’s function and optimising their smile aesthetics. As many patients present with different clinical needs, using a system that is flexible enough to meet varying indications is just as important.

Introducing Neoarch

The Neoarch solution from Neodent – a Straumann Group brand – offers a reliable immediate fixed full-arch solution. It is designed to optimise stability, versatility and predictability, offering peace of mind to both patients and practitioners alike. The simplified surgical and restorative protocols also improve clinical efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the clinician. Using one implant, one connection, one abutment, the Neoarch portfolio provides the flexibility to deliver immediate function in a wide range of cases, even in the severely atrophic maxilla.

Simplicity meets flexibility

Neoarch from Neodent uses the innovative Helix Grand Morse (GM) dental implant. This is designed with a hydrophilic Acqua surface to encourage predictable osseointegration and high primary stability in all bone types.

The unique GM implant connection enables platform switching and significant abutment-to-implant contact for a strong foundation and long-term implant success. In addition, the internal indexating affords precise abutment positioning and easy handling, while eliminating the risk of rotation for a stable restoration base.

The simplified prosthetic platform available with the Neodent system features six connection heights with three different angulations for maximum flexibility and optimal aesthetics. The mini conical abutments are designed to further ensure natural-looking outcomes with straight and angled options available.

Regarding the restorative treatment phase, the Straumann Group also offers a selection of solutions that enable clinicians to work in the way they prefer. These include the Straumann M Series in-house milling machine, the Straumann CARES centralised milling service or conventional manufacturing processes for provisional or final prostheses. As such, practitioners can adopt the most suitable workflow for them. With easy access to the benefits of a digital workflow available to even those practices without the equipment in-house.

A smile for all

For many patients, the option of full-arch rehabilitation can provide everything they are looking for to restore their smile, their dental function and their self-confidence. By using a flexible implant solution, you deliver the care and results desired by a wide array of patients. By working with Neoarch from Neodent, you can help provide a smile for everyone.

For more information, please visit www.straumann.com/neodent.

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