Combining flexibility, simplicity and predictability

Anthogyr Axiom implantsThe Straumann Group explains why its premium Anthogyr dental implants offer flexibility, simplicity and predictability to the dentist.

The Straumann Group is a name synonymous with quality solutions and exceptional service. The company has long been known across the globe for providing an array of industry-leading dental implant solutions. It covers products, technologies and workflows that enable dentists to deliver outstanding patient care.

Within the Straumann Group portfolio are the premium solutions from Anthogyr. Driven by an ingenious prosthetic approach, the dynamic product range provides value for all dental professionals operating in the implant field.

Axiom Multi Level

Satisfying both bone level (BL) and tissue level (TL) philosophies, the Axiom Multi Level solution offers the flexibility clinicians need to achieve superior treatment outcomes in a wide range of cases. Easily integrated into clinical workflows for maximum consistency, the high-performance products provide predictable results.

The Axiom BL offers a strong platform with high biological integration afforded by the single hermetic conical connection. Platform switching optimises soft tissue management for good aesthetics. While the biocompatible titanium grade V implant material encourages powerful bone attachment for long-term success. Available in both REG and PX profiles and compatible with a broad range of prosthetic solutions, it is ideal for wide-ranging indications.

The Axoim TL implant system facilitates a screw-retained restoration. It maximises soft tissue volume with a tissue-favouring design that preserves both physical and physiological barriers around the implant when placed. This is available in a parallel-sided design (REG) and a tapered design (PX) profiles, it provides prosthetic flexibility and accessibility with a simple workflow.

Both these implants can be used with the specially designed, ergonomic Axion Multi Level Surgery Kit. The single kit combines clinical freedom with efficient protocols for success with all Anthogyr implants.

Finally, clinicians needing a solution for restricted mesiodistal spaces may be interested in the Axoim 2.8. With all the superior materials and design features of the other implants in the portfolio, this solution utilises a compacted connection. It also has a simple drilling protocol and a dedicated surgical kit to make it ideal for narrow incisor regions.

Axiom prosthetic solutions

There is a wide variety of labside prosthetic components for both BL and TL implant cases, ensuring complete prosthetic freedom. These include screw-and cement-retained solutions, alongside simplified protocols and a titanium-base that enables a digital workflow for added value.

Simeda CAD/CAM solutions

Completing the Anthogyr portfolio are the Simeda CAD/CAM solutions. Further enabling customised treatment for patients, innovative concepts offer total confidence in the long-term success of procedures.

For example, the Inlink connection allows an angulated screw access hole at up to 25 degrees from the centre. This gives more flexibility for prosthetic management and excellent aesthetics. In addition, the innovative Axin titanium base offers another highly aesthetic option. It delivers a final restoration that closely resembles the natural tooth.

Once again, the clinical and prosthetic workflows epitomise simplicity and flexibility to give clinicians and their patients every chance of success.

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