Tips for making a positive impact in your dental practice

Nick Olive speaks about making a positive impact within the practiceWant to wow your patients when they come for appointments? Nick Olive has some tips on making a positive impact.

Creating the right first impression is an essential component in competing for patients. But how do you know what that first impression is?

When you work in the same room day after day, many people become almost blind to their surroundings. When did you last sit in your dental chair and look around the room, just like a patient would?

Make a note of anything that looks dirty, untidy, unsightly or outdated. It’s such a simple exercise. Yet, this can open your eyes to how patients experience your surgery and help you realise necessary improvements.

You may not have noticed a crack in the wall, bugs in the ceiling light or clutter on the cabinets – but you can be sure your patients will. For some practices, a simple tidy up and a lick of paint could make a huge difference. For others, it may be time to replace a dental chair that has seen (much) better days.

Apply the same idea to the rest of the practice, too. Start by standing across the street from the practice: is there any peeling paint or fading signs that need to be addressed? Does the practice look inviting and professional? If not, consider what you can do to improve appearances.

Repeat this in the reception area, waiting room, toilets and any other area of the practice a patient may visit. Ensure this exercise is on your monthly practice checklist.

Opinions matter

Don’t be afraid to ask staff and patients for their opinions on the practice, too – their answers may surprise you. That’s not to say you need to act on every comment, just ones within your control and will make a positive impact on the practice.

Larger projects, such as replacing dental equipment or cabinetry, may seem like an arduous and expensive task, but they needn’t be. Working with the right equipment dealer and manufacturer is key to a smooth and easy surgery refurbishment project.

Your dealer should be able to help you every step of the way; from giving you expert advice on which makes and models of dental equipment are the most reliable and ergonomic, to a quick and painless installation. Many dealers also offer a range of finance options to spread the cost of large projects.

To book a completely free, no-obligation showroom appointment, or to find your nearest A-dec accredited dealer, visit, or call 0800 233 285.

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