Dental practice launches patient’s implant into space

A dental surgery launched a patient’s new smile tens of kilometres into the space.

Claire Nathan saw her implant bridge propelled into the earth’s atmosphere by Dr Jag Shergill, owner of Shergill Dental Implants in Coventry.

After UK Air Traffic Control cleared it for take off, it climbed 40km from the earth’s surface.

It also battled atmospheric temperatures of -60 Celsius.

Before its launch, a specialist team of space engineers fixed the implant bridge onto a transportation device using a custom-made mounting structure.

Additionally, it boasted a fitted satellite and live tracking system.

Together with the specialists, these allowed the practice to record a high-definition film of the implant’s journey – and capture a photograph at its highest point.

A dental practice launched implant bridge into spaceUplifting

Following the space experience, Dr Jag Shergill said: ‘A simple smile is something we all take for granted.

‘It’s uplifting and life-affirming. Like nothing else, a smile from the heart connects us with our friends and family.

‘I wanted to show Claire that her smile could literally radiate sunlight.’

Claire, who has always struggled with dental complications, welcomed the chance to see her new smile above the clouds.

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