The magic of social networking

The Dental Technologists Association look at some ways in which the technical profession can harness the business benefits of social media.

It’s fair to say that social media has a pretty awful reputation. Our digital lives have come in for much scrutiny in recent years. But when it comes to social networking – nothing can touch it.

No matter what your career, interest or hobby, there are people out there with similar interests who you can contact in the blink of an eye. The online communities established through social networking can be a rich source of information, guidance and advice. And it is exactly these things that dental technicians can access through the Dental Technologists Association ‘s active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Involve yourself in the online conversation

The DTA has more than 1,600 members the length and breadth of the UK, many of whom are unlikely to meet face to face. By getting involved in the online conversation they can build business – and social – contacts that will enhance their careers, encourage peer collaboration and enrich their social calendars.

Making connections through social networking is as beneficial for experienced technicians as it is for students. The former have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips they can share with newbies. But those fresh out of training will have learned the very latest techniques and creative ideas that are invaluable. Training courses can be recommended by attendees with no vested interest in filling seats, who have truly valued what they have learned.

Social networking is far reaching

Social networking is a very powerful device for spreading and obtaining information, which is why it is so important to the DTA. Our mission includes raising awareness and promoting an…

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