Lab in the spotlight – the John Winter way

Teeth printingJulian English discovers what has made John Winter a success story for decades.

Being reliable and providing exceptional customer service is the ethos of laboratory supplies company John Winter.

John Winter & Co Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers to dental laboratories, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

The company has been looking after the needs of dental laboratories up and down the country for decades, delivering not just the latest products, but delivering all that in its own, inimitable ‘John Winter way’.

‘Many of our customers have been with us a long time, in the same way that many of our employees have been with us a long time – they value the relationship and service’, says Grant Turnbull, sales manager at John Winter.

Customer focused

Indeed success has come from the firm’s ability to understand customer needs, and offer the best recommendations.

Grant added: ‘As a company we strive to keep ourselves up to date with the latest technologies and innovative products to meet the exacting demands of our customers’.

Providing technical advice based on real-life experience and knowledge of dental laboratories makes John Winter more than just a supplier and more like a resource for customers. John Winter can help a laboratory solve issues, find work-arounds and solutions. To facilitate this, the company has a number of established distribution arrangements with national and multi-national companies covering all aspects, both digital and tradition of dental technology.

A wealth of experience and knowledge

The firm boasts a combined experience in the dental industry of over 190 years. Most of the sales team has real life experience in dental laboratories and understand the issues that can present themselves. They can provide real experience and advice as well as ongoing training…

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