Digitally-assisted implant restoration

Simon Chard demonstrates how the use of digital intraoral scanning and chairside milling can enhance the restorative phase of implant therapy.

Dental implants are a fantastic addition to the repertoire of any restorative dentist and allow us to replace a tooth in a way that minimises damage to the remaining dentition. Dental implant restoration requires a sound knowledge of restorative dentistry, prosthodontics and periodontology.

Traditionally, this has been carried out with an analogue impression taken with an impression coping either via an open or closed tray impression technique. A skilled technician then fabricates this restoration over a two- to three-week period. The time and skill required for these restorations both from the clinician and technician command high fees for the patient. This case report highlights a novel method of restoring implants utilising the modern advances in digital intraoral scanning and chairside milling.

The author will illustrate how an aesthetic single implant-retained crown can be provided chairside without the need for analogue impressions.

Case report

Following a discussion of the options for replacement of tooth LR6 (Figures 1 and 2), the patient in this case elected for an implant-retained solution. A Megagen Anyridge 4x10mm implant was placed utilising a surgical guide for position of the pilot hole.

An immediate temporary crown was fabricated utilising the Megagen Fuse abutment and DMG Luxatemp. A silicone index of the diagnostic wax-up was fabricated and the temporary crown was polished and taken out of occlusion while the implant fully integrated (Figure 3).

Following three months of integration, the patient attended for restoration of the implant with a definitive crown. During this period, the soft tissue had been given time to mature and a beautiful molar soft tissue profile had been formed (Figure 4).

It is traditionally, complicated and time consuming to…

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