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Why is personal consistency important for your business?
Simon Chard explains how bringing consistency into your own life can reap great rewards for yourself and your business. Last…
Consistency – the key to building a successful brand
Simon Chard explains how consistent work can transform your business in the first of two parts on why consistency is…
Navigating the online world of reviews
Simon Chard discusses why reviews are ‘incredibly important’ to your brand, how to increase the number of positive reviews, and…
The power of community in brand development
Simon Chard discusses the importance of building a community, and the three Es he uses to do so: education, engagement…
When is it the right time to build a brand?
Are you thinking about building a new brand? This month, Simon Chard discusses when to get started and important tips…
How to create quality content with the three Ss
This month, Simon Chard discusses the key to creating content, and how it will create huge growth for your brand.…
Simon says: it’s important to build a strong brand
Simon Chard explains the importance of brand building and how he has cultivated his own brand. To build a strong…
Artist or entrepreneur – choosing the right business pathway
Are you an artist, an entrepreneur, or a bit of both? Simon Chard discusses how to choose the right pathway…
Private Practice
Easy as A.B.C.D – Simon Chard on dentistry of the future
Dentistry is progressing at fast pace and practices need to adapt, says Dr Simon Chard, speaking ahead of his presentation…
What does it take to build a brand?
In the first of his new video series, Simon Chard discusses the crucial first steps of building a brand, including…
Simon says: how to balance life with dentistry
Simon Chard shares his tips for finding a balance between your passion for dentistry and health, wellbeing and enjoyment in…
Simon says: let’s prioritise sustainability in dentistry
It’s time for us to think in more depth about sustainability and how we can make dentistry better for our…
Dentistry’s Person of the Year 2022
Gaby Bissett speaks with Dentistry’s Person of the Year 2022, Dr Simon Chard, about perseverance, the rapid success of his…
Pärla – six months on from Dragon’s Den, what happened next?
We speak to Simon Chard about Pärla six months after the team appeared on Dragon’s Den…and turned down an offer.…
Oral health
Fully digital post – core and crown replacement
Simon Chard showcases how technological advancements in intraoral scanners helped restore four failing anterior teeth. With the advent of significant…
Cosmetic Dentistry
Dental news you’ve missed this week
Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days… More than 70%…
Pärla Toothpaste Tabs appears on Dragons’ Den
Following Pärla’s appearance on Dragons’ Den recently, we spoke to Simon Chard and Rhona Eskander about the experience. Simon and…
Oral health
An evening with the BACD
The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD) is pleased to deliver a series of talks from key dental experts on…
Aesthetic dentistry
Drawing on experience – the Rothley Lodge Dental Practice transition to Denplan
Simon and Meghan Chard discuss their successful and smooth-running transition to Denplan. When a family business is passed down to…
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