Why is personal consistency important for your business?

Simon Chard explains how bringing consistency into your own life can reap great rewards for yourself and your business.

Last month was the first part of my two-part consistency series, which was on professional consistency, how you build a brand and everything that’s involved in that.

This month we’re talking about personal consistency. This is consistency outside of the actual functionality of your brand, but it is vital to building its foundations.

This all comes out of a solid routine. You’ve got to really systemise and have discipline around it. If you do that, you can have incredible outcomes off the back of it. I’ve broken it up into five key pillars, spelt out by the acronym ‘smile’.

S stands for sleep

When it comes to showing up for your team and showing up for your customers, without good sleep you can’t make good decisions, and without good decisions you can’t build a good brand. I wake up at around 5am, but I don’t do that to the deficit of my sleep. I always make sure I get around seven to eight hours a night and have consistency around sleep and waking times. The evidence is very strong that sleep is probably the central pillar to everything.

M stands for mind

You can look at this as either mindfulness or meditation. I make sure I implement at least one of those things during my day. That can be things like breathwork as well. There is lots of evidence that creating space in our busy daily lives supports improvements in mental health and cognitive ability. I put that in my diary, which makes me do it.

I stands for intake or input

I’ve tried to bring together everything you’re taking into your body as one category. Food can be a very divisive topic, but I try to simplify that into wholefoods of the highest quality possible, as seasonable as possible and as local as possible, with no processed foods. By hydrating and eating properly, you’ll find that the fuel you are putting in your body really drives your ability to get the most output out of your brand.

L stands for love

Love or relationships have been proven time and time again to drive our personal satisfaction in life. Having good relationships can hugely increase your longevity as well. Whether those relationships are romantic, friendships or family, they’re all important. You need to concentrate on them and they will have a positive impact on your business as well, which is a secondary benefit.

E stands for exercise

I exercise every day, and this has probably been the biggest positive change that I’ve make in my life. It takes a variety of different forms, from strength training to running to Brazilian jujitsu. It has been a crucial anchor in my life when the world of business and brands can sometimes all crash together at the same time.

Each of those five components require consistency, and that’s the key message here. Don’t rely on motivation, rely on your discipline. Say to yourself, this is what I’m going to do based on the evidence that it is going to be good for me. Don’t overcomplicate it, and I think you’ll find it has a huge positive benefit on the brands that you build.

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