Discover the complete digital workflow with the Iphysio Profile Designer

Lyra introduces its course introducing the complete digital workflow with the Iphysio Profile Designer.

Digital dentistry is knocking on the door of every dentist and laboratory. It’s important we help our clients evolve with the ever-changing dental market. Lyra has made it possible for implant dentists, restoring dentists and laboratory technicians to work together in this transition and optimise, more importantly simplify with accuracy the post-surgical protocol for the restorative process on implants; with the Iphysio Profile Designer. It is placed at the time of the implant and it is not removed until you fit the final restoration. The Iphysio Profile Designer acts like a healing abutment. It also replaces the need for an impression coping or scan body, you can even temporise on it!

Why attend?

For the delegate to learn necessary skills and knowledge on how the digital workflow can simplify the post-surgical protocol on implants thanks to the Iphysio Profile Designer.

Aims and objectives

  • Discover the advantages and digital solutions using the Iphysio Profile Designer
  • Treatment planning and selection process of the Iphysio Profile Designer
  • Find out how to simplify the relationship with your referring dentist and your lab technician using the Iphysio Profile Designer
  • Live patient scanning using the 3shape intraoral scanner and the Iphysio Profile Designer
  • Temporisation process on the Iphysio Profile Designer.


Dr Chris Lucas, Liverpool, qualified in 1984 and has worked mainly in general practice and hospitals in the Leicester area.

He has worked for nine years at the department of restorative dentistry in Leicester as a training post and clinical assistant. He has been providing dental implant treatment for patients since 1990, during which time he has progressed his knowledge alongside the advancements made in dental implants.

Chris has 24 years’ experience in all aspects of dentistry including 19 years’ experience in implant dentistry and has trained with world leaders in dental implants, such as Paulo Malo, Eric Van Dooren and Patrick Palacci.

He has been running innovative courses for six years and lectured in the UK and America and in large international conferences with great reviews and supporting dentists to grow their knowledge.

Chris has a reputation for live surgery educational courses and great post course support.

Booking and information

To book or for further information please contact Kay Hammond, national sales manager, on [email protected].

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