Philips announce partnership with IAS

At the British Dental Conference and Dentistry Show last week, Philips Oral Healthcare announced its new agreement with the IAS Academy

Darren Coppe, senior sales manager at Philips commented: ‘Philips is a healthcare company and our mission is to improve lives of three billion people by 2030.

‘Oral healthcare is a huge part of that mission – and cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening plays a significant role in that for us.

‘We are continually exploring ways to encourage the UK population into dental surgeries and increasing attendance.

‘Both Philips and IAS are innovators in the field and always looking at ways we can change the market, and we also both share that mission to help evolve the profession,’ said Darren.

‘We are partnering with IAS for a number of reasons.

‘We have worked together for in excess of five years – as they have made Zoom tooth whitening part of the ABB (Align Bleach Bond) process they advocate in their training.

‘They help educate dental professionals about the importance of tooth whitening, how to tooth whiten and which products to use.’

There is the option to buy not only the Zoom product from Philips, but as part of a solution, they can now also have the trays produced for them.

There is the additional benefit that dental practices only need to buy when they prescribe.

Tif Qureshi, of IAS added ‘Tooth whitening if done well; if done consistently; if done properly – with a tray that works well – should be something that every dentist should offer in practice but when I lecture it is surprising how many dentists ask me about how I whiten and obtain the results I show.

‘We are really pleased with the end result, and it is going to be rolled out not only in this country, but also in the countries where we work with IAS around the world, however it will start here in the UK today.’

Visit for further information, or call 0800 0567 222.

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