Philips Sonicare launches #habits4life campaign

Philips Sonicare has become the platinum sponsor of National Smile Month and have launched the #habits4life campaign in partnership with some of the UK’s leading healthcare companies

Philips has formed a strong successful partnership with mydentist, the UK’s largest dental group and health and beauty retailers Superdrug.

This National Smile Month, Philips will be leading the first ever collaboration between dental practices and retailers in a bid to deliver dental public health messages to all.

The focus for the campaign, which runs between May 13th and June 13th, is to drive healthy living messages in dental practices and in Superdrug to demonstrate how adopting good oral health habits can lead to a healthier life.

It is hoped that doing so, will encourage people to learn to appreciate the benefits of dental prevention and how the health of the mouth links directly with the health of the body.

Philips has created a campaign that aims to educate and inform the public on important oral health messages.

Three key messages

The campaign named #habits4life gives the public the tools to take control of their oral health from early years through to later life.

The campaign has the following three key messages:

Visit your dentist: “Visiting the dentist helps prevent wider issues for your teeth”  

Philips and myDentist have partnered to promote #habits4ife and new patients booking an examination at mydentist during National Smile Month will receive a free Sonicare Cleancare+ toothbrush.

Brush with an electric toothbrush and clean interdentally between your teeth to reduce the risk of caries and periodontal disease: ‘Get a month of manual brushing in just two minutes of Sonicare’*

In an exclusive partnership with health and beauty expert Superdrug (which has over 800 high street sites), anyone buying Philips new Sonicare DailyClean 1100 range will receive a £10 discount off a private dental check-up at participating myDentist practices during National Smile Month.

Healthy diet and lifestyle: ‘Reduce sugar consumption to lower risk of diabetes and heart disease’ 

The third component of the campaign is designed to encourage people to make healthy food and drink choices by swapping high sugar foods for healthier alternatives.

This aims to set up long-term #habitsforlife for themselves and their family.

This campaign element is in line with NHS England’s highly effective ‘Change4Life’ public mission, where through its platform it recommends sugar swaps.

Philips will host a social media competition named #sugarswap which will encourage people to show what changes you are making in your diet by sharing your ‘sugar swaps’.

Prizes will be a free Sonicare electric toothbrush for every family member and a free dental check-up for the whole family at {my}dentist**.

Good oral health

The extensive campaign is happily supported by the Oral Health Foundation.

It’s CEO Dr Nigel Carter OBE, who also chairs the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe commented ‘By adopting a few simple oral health habits, we can transform the health of our mouth and significantly improve our quality of life.’

‘That’s why, during National Smile Month, we will be supporting Philips by sharing the #habits4life message.

‘Twice daily brushing, interdentally cleaning between our teeth every day, reducing our sugar intake and keeping regular dental visits are the cornerstones of good oral health.’

The Oral Health Foundation is also conducting an extensive consumer survey about adopting better #habits4life as part of the National Smile Month campaign and the results will be published in May.

The campaign website is

For more information about the Oral Health Foundation campaign please visit

*An electromagnetic drivetrain inside the Sonicare handle delivers more brush strokes in two minutes than an entire month of manual brushing.

**T&Cs apply.


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