How do you feel about the GDC?

How confident are you that the GDC would handle any complaint made against you appropriately?

That is one of the questions being asked of dentists by the Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey, which can be filled in here.

Private and NHS dentists are being asked to complete the survey, which aims to provide insight and understanding into the reality of working in dentistry today.

The survey has a section on the GDC, which includes the above question as well as asking about dentists’ confidence in other aspects connected to the regulator, anxiety about meeting the standards and the replication of duties across regulators.

There are also questions concerning other areas of dentistry such as contract reform, mental health and how dentists feel about the time they can spend with patients/quality of care they can provide.

Nigel Jones, sales and marketing director of Practice Plan, said: ‘Dentists sharing their experiences and opinions on these topics not only provides another level of insight into the state of dentistry today, but can also add to the weight of evidence that will help to drive positive change in the profession.’

Happiness levels

Practice Plan has conducted a survey of the profession six times, with each one providing a snapshot into life in practice.

Last year’s survey was completed by almost 500 dentists and focused on happiness levels within private and NHS dentistry, and confidence in the future of the profession.

This year it takes a wider view of dentistry and includes questions that reflect how the profession continues to evolve and grow.

You can fill in the survey here.

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