The importance of visiting a showroom

Maximise the efficiency of your surgery by selecting the correct dental chair, Justin Hind advises

If you are looking for new dental equipment, visiting a trade show is a great way to discover what’s out there at the start of the buying process – but they don’t always allow enough time for in-depth product demonstrations or one-to-one discussions with an expert to answer your questions.

Once you have managed to narrow down your selection to two or three different manufacturers, visiting their showrooms can be an invaluable experience.

Companies don’t always bring their full product range to the dental shows, so a showroom appointment is a great opportunity to find out exactly what’s on offer from your preferred manufacturer(s) and discover what product model or specific configuration suits you best.

Whether you visit a manufacturer showroom or a dealer showroom, a product expert should be on hand to talk you through features and answer any questions you may have.

This is also the perfect time to consult your dealer or manufacturer representative regarding your practice design. They will have a wealth of knowledge on the topic, having seen plenty of installations in the past, and may have some valuable insights on how you can maximise the efficiency of your surgery for your space and budget.

Test drive

When making a significant investment in new dental equipment, such as a dental chair, it’s important to try it out before committing to buy.

Consider ergonomics and posture too, as this can directly impact the way you work.

For example, if a dental chair has thick padding on the backrest, you may find there isn’t enough space to tuck your knees comfortably underneath, so you could be leaning over or around the chair, trying to get a better view of your patient’s oral cavity.

Over time, this could cause serious pain and musculoskeletal disorders. A-dec territory managers are certified ergonomics assessment specialist-accredited and, therefore, able to give professional ergonomics advice and support.

A new dental chair is something you will likely only buy for yourself once or twice in your entire career – so make sure it’s the right one.

Choosing quality and longevity is vital for every practice. If equipment breaks down, any downtime you incur as a result can cause a significant loss of revenue, directly impacting your bottom line.

By taking the total cost of ownership into account, rather than simply the face value of a product, you can help protect yourself against costly repairs and lost custom.

The maths

To work this out, add the acquisition cost of the product to the projected maintenance cost and divide the sum by the expected product life in years. This will give you the total cost of ownership.

Your dealer can help you work this out by giving you standard servicing and maintenance costs for various manufacturers. By comparing one product to another in this way, you can help avoid nasty surprises after purchase and once the warranty period has ended.

If you are visiting a dealer showroom, don’t be afraid to pick your dealer’s brain; they will likely have a wealth of knowledge across multiple dental equipment brands. Ask them about which products they think would suit your needs best, which are least likely to breakdown, which has the longest lifespan, and which are best value for money.

You could also bring along a colleague or friend, which may be helpful in the decision-making process.

Finally, don’t forget to consider the patient when selecting equipment. This is particularly important with dental chairs and delivery systems, as the patient will have the most contact with it. Sit in the chair and think about how you would feel as a patient. Do you feel comfortable and reassured?

The appearance and comfort level of your dental chair will be one of the most memorable aspects of a patient’s visit, so make sure the experience is positive.

In addition TO several dealer locations across the UK, A-dec have a showroom at its offices in Nuneaton and have opened a southern showroom in Bracknell (near Heathrow), too. If you would like to book an appointment, or would like to find out more information, speak to one of the team on 0800 233 285 or email [email protected]. A-dec will also be exhibiting at The Dentistry Show on stand B40.

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