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Charlotte Lloyd speaks to Virat Hansrani about the courses run by Midlands Dental Academy.

Charlotte Lloyd (CL): What was your motivation for starting Midlands Dental Academy?

Virat Hansrani (VH): I have always been passionate about dentistry and education. I decided to combine this passion in order to enhance the knowledge of the participants in different aspects of dentistry over a series of courses. I felt the Midlands was ideal given its central location and easy accessibility.

CL: What do you think are the real issues dentists face every day?

VH: There are lots of issues but to name a few: an increasingly older population are presenting to dental practices with failing dentitions and complex medical histories. There has also been a significant increase in periodontal litigation, which is worrying. Many dentists have heard of minimally invasive dentistry but find it difficult to apply it correctly.

CL: Why did you choose restorative dentistry and ethical sales and communication as the subjects to cover at your events?

VH: Restorative dentistry is very important because it is applied in general practice every day and it is important that it is done correctly. On 25 February, we will cover how to treatment plan and manage the failing dentition and provide advice on how to avoid periodontal litigation with optimal periodontal management techniques.

Young dentists are not equipped with the skills to ethically communicate the benefits of certain treatment options in comparison to others. On 8 April 2017 Ashley Latter will help advance your ethical sales skills to make you a powerful communicator and further increase young dentists’ self-confidence.

CL: Who are the speakers and why did you pick them?

VH: Who better to teach you about minimally invasive dentistry than Professor Avijit Banerjee himself? All of the speakers are hand-picked inspiring leaders in their field. They are very approachable, keen to teach others and have received excellent feedback from previous course attendees. Ashley Latter is the best at empowering dentists to communicate with their patients, resulting in a world class patient journey and more patients saying yes to treatment plans.

CL: Overall how will delegates benefit from attending your courses?

  • Clinically relevant verifiable CPD (up to eight hours)
  • Greater understanding in management of difficult restorative cases
  • Develop new skills and behaviours that will enable you to increase your treatment plan acceptance rate, in an ethical way
  • Poster presentation competitions for aspiring dentists
  • World renowned keynote speakers
  • Finally be able to carry out the dentistry you love.

Where can people find out about Midlands Dental Academy? They’re on social media. Visit the website www.midlandsdentalacademy.com or ashleylatter.com.

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