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A4 INDESIGN.inddWhy choose the Adhese Universal Vivapen?

The Adhese Universal Vivapen allows simple ‘click’ activation, which dispenses the exact amount of material needed for each procedure, resulting in a significant reduction in material waste.

Not only does the Vivapen avoid wastage, its snap-on flocked cannula brush ensures gentle application to rid any unwanted patient discomfort.

Unlike any other product application pen, the Adhese Universal Vivapen has a clear indicator to display the remaining amount of adhesive available.

Clinicians are often confronted with the task to determine how wet or dry the dentine should be in order to achieve high bond strength, but the Adhese Universal Vivapen does it automatically through one simple click.

What are the advantages of Adhese Universal?

  • Its efficient delivery gives up to 190 single-tooth applications per 2ml Vivapen, which is cost effective and user friend
  • Its universal application potential for all bonding and etching techniques ensures flexibility and versatility
  • Predictable results that enable high bond strength on dentine and enamel.

AdheseUniversal-WebMinimal risk of post-operative sensitivity

Adhese Universal forms a reliable dentine seal via a homogenous adhesive layer with defined resin tags, which prevents the movement of fluid in the dentine.

The acidic components precipitate as insoluble calcium-ion salts in the dentine, facilitating mechanical blockage and sealing in the dentine tubules.

This integrated ‘desensitising effect’ prevents movement of dentinal fluid within the tubules minimising the risk of micro leakage and post-operative sensitivity.

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