Stress could lead to tooth loss

Stress can lead to tooth loss, according to the London Tooth Wear Centre

Stress can often lead to tooth loss amongst other side effects, the London Tooth Wear Centre is reminding people.

The Mental Health Foundation has found that almost half of British adults have claimed to feeling stressed every day, and the London Tooth Wear Centre has reminded people of the health problems associated with stress, including depression, heart disease and also damage to the teeth.

One of the common signs of stress is tooth grinding, which can often go unnoticed as it can happen whilst asleep, and this could lead to tooth sensitivity, gum problems, difficulty chewing, headaches and neck ache, as well as the possibility of ultimately losing teeth.

If you’re worried that your teeth may be wearing, tell your dentist,’ Professor Andrew Eder, an expert in tooth wear and clinical director of the London Tooth Wear Centre, said.

‘They are, after all, there to help and will be able to make a diagnosis, provide guidance or refer you, if appropriate.

‘Possible treatment options include the provision of a suitable mouthguard to be worn at night to relieve pressure on the teeth and jaw, prescribing muscle relaxants or recommending care from a physiotherapist or osteopath with specialist knowledge of the muscles involved.

‘If there was one piece of advice above all others I’d offer, it would be this – don’t delay in seeking help.

‘If damage resulting from tooth wear is diagnosed and addressed in its early stages, you can avoid extensive and expensive dental treatment that might otherwise be necessary to correct the situation.

‘The bottom line is that you needn’t suffer alone or long-term.’

There are some simple lifestyle changes that can have a profound impact such as:

  • Doing something relaxing before bed, such as yoga, reading or having a bath
  • Learning to brush effectively yet gently with a relatively soft toothbrush and a toothpaste that is low in abrasivity.


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