Test Drive trial programme

shutterstock_188549204Oral-B has recently introduced its Test Drive trial programme, which allows multiple users to experience Oral-B power and toothpaste using a shared handle in a hygienic way.

Dental professionals will now be able to evaluate the product themselves before recommending it to patients.

Patients will also be able to experience the product before investing in the technology.

Power toothbrushes

The new Oral-B Smartseries electric toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity is another recent innovation.

The new toothbrush connects to the Oral-B app recording brushing activity, which patients can then share with their dental professional.

Brushing duration, mode and problem zones can all be highlighted and the information easily retrieved. 

The mechanical benefits of Oral-B’s power toothbrushes complement the chemical efficacy afforded by its Pro-Expert toothpaste.

Gum health through effective plaque control is just one of the many beneficial features of Oral-B’s Pro-Expert toothpaste and it’s the inclusion of stabilised stannous fluoride (SnF2) that makes the difference.

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