Scrapping food technology A-level could impact oral health

The Government has been warned scrapping food technology A-level could have an adverse affect on oral health

Scrapping food technology A-level could have an adverse impact on dental health, the BSDHT has warned.

The UK Government has proposed removing food technology and design technology as an A-level after experts claimed it was unnecessary and teaching of the subjects should not pass GCSE level.

‘The perception of food technology as a throwaway subject is completely wrong and outdated,’ president of the British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapy (BSDHT), Michaela ONeill, said.

‘The food technology A-level offers in-depth and important knowledge to students on food science and nutrition, which helps to inform and influence their choices when it comes to diet.

‘It is not just about educating the students who choose to take food technology as A-level too.

‘Many students take what they learn in these classes and take it into their later lives and careers to influence others.

‘Many of these students use what they learn into their professions such as doctors, psychologists, teachers and dentists and use it to educate others.

‘On a less professional level food technology also teaches future parents about healthy eating habits, which they then can pass onto their children.

‘Some of the vital lessons taught at this level include advanced education into the benefits of a balanced diet, looking in depth at the topical and important subject of sugar and its role in causing tooth decay.’

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