‘Power plate’ cosmetic dentistry

‘Power Plate’, launched by London Smiling, is the hottest new fast track cosmetic teeth straightening treatment.

Dr Uchenna Okoye has named her high tech treatment ‘Power Plates’ because it works by causing  mini vibratory forces called ‘micro-vibrations’ which, when used in combination with braces, helps to move teeth in  bone faster through accelerated bone remodelling.
‘Power Plates’ from AcceleDent technology, has been brought to London Smiling by Dr Uchenna Okoye whose celebrity patients opt for braces but want fast results.  This new technology significantly reduces the need to wear braces by up to 30 to 50 per cent, so in some cases, actually halving treatment time.
‘Power Plates’ by London Smiling from AcceleDent is complimentary with all existing orthodontic braces including brackets and aligners and the technology is very similar to medical applications seen in other parts of the body, for example vibration to accelerate fracture healing in long bones.
So simple and easy to use, the Power Plate treatment is totally removable. A simple portable device, similar to a retainer into which the patient bites into the device once daily for twenty minutes only for the term of their braces.  Battery operated you just need to charge it like an electric toothbrush.
Celebrity dentist, Dr Uchenna Okoye, says: ‘An amazing new treatment especially for celebrity guests and brides-to-be who do opt for braces instead of veneers but want to speed up the process.  At London Smiling ‘Power Plates’ is now in demand by all our brace wearers and the fact that is can be worn with all existing brackets as well as clear aligners and is very discreet as can be used at any time of day in the privacy of your own home is fantastic.  We charge £800 for the machine and our guests are checked every month to check movement and to adjust braces depending on what type they are wearing.’
Viasit www.londonsmiling.com.

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