Soaking dentures and retainers? That’s so old school

SonicBrite is a state-of-the-art cleaning system for these dental appliances such as dentures, retainers, Invisalign, mouth guards, sports guards, and snore guards. It cleans and disinfects in only 15 fast minutes!

Imagine a whole new technology that allows you to remove staining from tobacco, coffee, tea, and yes, even blueberries – plus >99.9% of all bacteria – in 15 easy minutes.

SonicBrite restores a sparkling, like new, clean like nothing else on the market. The magic of this revolutionary new cleaning system is in the combination of a palm-sized ultra-sonic with a professional strength cleaner.

The ultrasonic wave action forces the cleaning formula into the creases, crevices, and microscopic holes in porous materials where the germs, odors and stains are trapped. They say that the simplest ideas are the real genius ideas!
Buying old fashioned fizzy tablets is like buying laundry soap without a washing machine.
Effervescent tables were invented in 1931 and have not worked very well since. It was your grandmother’s denture cleaner! Millions of people have been seeking a truly effective solution to cleaning these devices.

Now that more and more baby boomers are wearing dentures and more and more adults are wearing retainers, the demand for a way to clean them has never been greater.

These people are active and educated. They don’t want to be without their teeth overnight, and they don’t want to settle for less than completely clean and disinfected.

They don’t want their grandmother’s technology. They don’t want any more embarrassing overnight soaking. Up until now, they haven’t had any choice… until SonicBrite.

SonicBrite helps make denture, retainer and mouthguard wearers more confident, happy and healthy in just 15 minutes.
SonicBrite is clinically and laboratory tested to remove tobacco, tea, coffee, food stains and kills >99.9% of all bacteria.

Studies link all kinds of systemic illnesses such as cardio endocarditis, upper respiratory infections, intestinal infections, and meningitis to germs that are continually swallowed from an infected dental appliance. No more! SonicBrite kills everything from staphylococcus to e-Coli.
SonicBrite UK is owned by David Coates and Clive Walkden who clinical dental technicians and are denture specialists.
SonicBrite has been successfully sold, all over the world.
SonicBrite has also introduced the first denture whitening product to join in the huge, already established, whitening market.
With the help of a leading ocularist, SonicBrite has introduced the very first at-home cleaning system for plastic artificial eyes and sclera shells.
SonicBrite is creating a Blue Ocean for cleaning dental appliances that makes Polident, Sterident, Efferdent, and Retainer Brite irrelevant.

Soaking dentures and retainers overnight is old-school. Why continue to use this old technology?
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