Relief for tooth sensitivity

Oral-B’s new all-in-one Pro-Expert toothpaste is set to bring relief to thousands of dentine hypersensitivity suffers, thanks to its inclusion of stabilised stannous fluoride.
While reducing hypersensitivity is just one of the comprehensive range of oral health benefits delivered by Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste, for people who experience this painful condition it will probably be enough by itself!
Experienced by a wide cross-section of the population, most notably when eating or drinking cold food and drinks or taking a gasp of cold air, hypersensitivity is caused by nerves which are stimulated in the dentine layer of teeth exposed by tooth wear or periodontal disease.

Stabilised stannous fluoride, researched in both laboratory and clinical studies acts by partially or completely blocking the tiny tubules of which dentine is composed.
As a multi-benefit dentifrice, the all-in-one oral health advantages of Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste are not only clearly understandable for professionals.

Patients who suffer from hypersensitivity will soon also appreciate its advantages in relieving this condition through advanced technological research.

By improving gum health and helping to reduce the risk of erosion, Pro-Expert toothpaste will also help guard against the causes of sensitivity for future peace of mind.

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