Why one dentist no longer dreads endo

I attended the recent D2D Endo hands-on training course following a recommendation from a colleague in the practice who had attended a previous session and found it very helpful.
There were 14 of us on the day – dentists from NHS, private practice, the armed forces and the community service were all represented.

Our levels of experience varied, as the group ranged from those newly qualified to those just retired, but the day was pitched at just the right level to cater for such a diverse group.
The course was presented by Jason Bedford and Charlie Nicholas, the two endodontists who founded D2D Endo.
Jason is a specialist in endodontics while Charlie is a GDP who has limited his practice to endo for the last 7 years.

This mix of backgrounds allows them to present a course which is informative and evidence-based but importantly for me as a GDP, it is practical.
Our day started with an overview of current endodontic thinking and moved on to a look at some modern techniques and equipment designed to make endo in general practice much easier.
A hands-on session allowed us a chance to practice the use of the new simpler rotary techniques that Jason and Charlie use in their practice. 
I found it particularly helpful that the limited number of delegates meant we had the opportunity to discuss our own individual practical problems with the speakers on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.
Lunch was not the usual buffet that I would expect at most courses, but a very nice three-course meal served in the hotel’s restaurant!
After lunch we discussed a range of modern obturation materials and techniques.  Predictably, the discussion included how filling root canals has always been a challenge.
We were then introduced to modern filling materials such as Smart Seal, which looks set to take over from GP as the material of choice for filling canals.  Another hands on session enabled us to obturate the canals we had prepared in the morning session, again under the close supervision of Jason and Charlie.
The day concluded with some helpful, practical hints on how to make rubber dam easier for dentists and patients alike.
We were encouraged to ask questions throughout the day which helped to ensure that a very wide range of endo problems were discussed.
Jason and Charlie have the very unusual ability to make endo enjoyable! As lecturers, they are well-informed and confident speakers. Their obvious enthusiasm for endodontics is strangely infectious.
I’m sure I speak for everyone who attended the course when I say that I returned to my practice armed with an array of tips, tricks and advice that I can immediately put into practice – along with a rekindled enthusiasm for endo!

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