Innovative dental crown breaks boundaries

A company has launched a groundbreaking all-Zirconia crown which is produced in a completely automated way, bar the staining.
Opalite requires no porcelain and Scottish company, DTS, claims this type of manufacturing will ‘become the standard in a few short years’.
Marketing co-ordinator Victoria Green says: ‘Opalite is ground breaking and it indicates the beginning of a new age of dentistry.
‘This is the next big step in Zirconia as it is now aesthetic enough to use without porcelain which speeds up the turnaround time, produces more accurate crowns with a solid, strong structure and it is more cost effective as well.’
Opalite all-Zirconia crowns and bridges are available exclusively from DTS.
Victoria adds: ‘The all-ceramic alternative is designed specifically to meet posterior high load demands – virtually unbreakable with excellent long-term durability for bruxers and grinders.’
The aesthetic alternative highlights include:
• Monolithic all-Zirconia crowns & bridges
• Occlusal reduction as little as 0.7 mm all that’s required
• Hard sintered for final 1100 MPa flexural strength
• Virtually unbreakable, even with severe bruxers and grinders
• Use your digital impression files – or normal impressions and models
• CAD/CAM milled for virtually perfect contacts, fit and easy seating
• Conventional cementation.
Opalite is indicated for the posterior region and is milled from one solid block of monolithic,
medical grade Zirconia so it is virtually unbreakable.
With a final flexural strength of 1100MPa it is undoubtedly one of the most reliable materials
around and now you can enjoy its aesthetics as well.
DTS has worked with some of the leading dental manufacturers across the globe to develop a more translucent Zirconia so there is no need for a porcelain overlay. Your patient gets the aesthetics they want with the strength they need.
Opalite is available at just of £79 per unit.
For details, visit or contact Dental Technology Services at 8 Annfield Place, Duke Street, Glasgow, Scotland G31 2XQ  or call +44 (0)141 556 5619.

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