Are Wine Wipes the answer to stained teeth?

TV presenter Phillip Schofield got caught with red wine stained teeth after a wine-tasting weekend.

The host of ITV’s This Morning revealed a photograph from his mobile phone to Holly Willoughby and his audience after testing 100 wines from Bordeaux.

He also posted the same photograph on Twitter too, reports and apparently tweeted: ‘Wow, what a day. One hundred Bordeaux 03 wines tasted, almost totally sober, but as expected I look like Steptoe.’

But maybe a new product on the US market could have helped?

Wine Wipes – – promises a solution. After a swipe across your teeth, these wet wipes are supposed to get rid of that deep red film that can stain your teeth a couple sips.

The wipes come in small tins with mirrors and resemble makeup compacts. Each wipe has a mild orange flavour that is supposed to help cleanse the palate.

The website reprots: ‘Whether you call it dirty mouth, tannin teeth, or even a wine tattoo, everyone from the daintiest drinkers to the most serious slurpers all fall victim to the unattractive dark film that red wine stain leaves on your smile.

‘Now, you can wipe that wine off your smile with Wine Wipes. Just run Wine Wipes over your teeth and mouth, and order another round of red – the formula won′t interfere with the taste of your wine!’

Perhaps someone should let Mr Schofield know?…

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