ELGA helps meet decontamination regulations

If you are a dental technician, you will already be aware of the need to comply with the Department of Health’s decontamination policy for dental practices, HTM 01-05.

Recent revisions have confirmed that water for manual cleaning and final rinse (washer disinfector/sterilisers) can be performed with potable water as long as the water hardness is <50mg/l and bacterial Endotoxin concentration is <30EU/ml.

And in addition, water for sterilisers is required to be below 15μS/cm as stated in EN13060/HTM 01-05.

However, the hardness and endotoxin levels of water can be variable and water suppliers will not guarantee hardness and do not and will not measure endotoxins.

The easy way to be certain of continued compliance is to use water produced by reverse osmosis; what HTM 01-05 calls RO water.

ELGA Process Water’s Biopure 15 is a small, self-contained purification unit, which combines RO water with a UV lamp and Ultrafiltration filters in a recirculation loop to supply compliant Biopure water on demand.

TheBiopure 15 will supply up to 15 litres per hour of purified water into its 25 litre wraparound reservoir  and remove the necessity to purchase, store and dispose of expensive plastic bottled water.

The Biopure 15 is simply connected to the mains water supply and delivers purified water directly to the washer disinfector and sterilisers, as well as its integral dispensing gun, for easy manual filling.

To find out more about the Biopure 15 and rental options available, visit www.elgaprocesswater.co.uk/dental

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