NEW Young Dentists Handbook available online

A brand new guide introducing young dentists to the world of dentistry is published this week.

The Young Dentists Handbook 2010 will be sent out to all final-year dental students throughout the UK, foundation dentists and those who qualified in the last one to five years.

Published by the experts at Dentistry magazine, this inaugural guide for the young dentist is also available to order.

The intention of this guide is to produce a concise and entirely relevant handbook of practical information and advice to assist the undergraduate student and recent graduate starting out in professional life.

During the final year at dental school, students should be considering what they want to do after graduation.

These days there are lots of options, most of which are covered in section 2; while section 1 provides valuable information on dos and don’ts for new graduates, with essential advice regardless of what career choice is being considered.

Seen as an update to a publication by Richard Gorham, first published in the 1980s, this guide gives up-to-date information on the fast changing environment of professional dentistry.

This is a guide, not a reference book.

Current guidelines – of which there are many – change annually, monthly, weekly and sometimes daily, so this guide should be used in conjunction with reference books in order to ensure you know the latest information.

Certainly the index and contacts list at the back of the publication will help you gain access to this.

The price is £20. To order extra copies of the Young Dentists Handbook 2010, call 01371 851 895 or click here.

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