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‘I fear for single-surgery practices’ – pleas for leniency in face of new NHS contract arrangements
A dentist has warned of the mental health and financial impact on dentistry as new contract targets are imposed in…
Four keys to success in the ‘new normal’ – transitioning back from a UDC to community care
Foundation dentists Aliya Remtulla, Kelly King and Mahad Farrukh discuss their transition from a UDC to community care following lockdown. COVID-19 has…
Becoming a UDC – a practice manager’s experience
Practice manager Lauren Davis speaks to {my}dentist about working in a UDC and where she sees dentistry heading in the…
Running a local dental committee during COVID-19
Andrew Taylor and Melissa Taylor give their experience during the coronavirus pandemic as chair and secretary of the local dental…
Setting up a private urgent dental care hub during the COVID-19 pandemic
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic represents a challenge to all healthcare. Due to the nature of dentistry, social distancing is impossible…
Private Practice
BAPD launches recommendations on returning to clinical practice
The British Association of Private Dentistry (BAPD) has launched its recommendations on returning to normal clinical working practices. On the…
Private Practice
Dentist faces threats of violence as public seek urgent dental care
A dentist working in an urgent dental care centre has spoken of receiving threats from members of the public experiencing…
Sara Hurley CDO speaks out about COVID-19
Sara Hurley speaks exclusively to Dentistry.co.uk about the decisions made during the COVID-19 crisis and when dentistry might open again.…
Experiences in an urgent dental care hub over Easter
Natalie Bradley is a dentist who has spoken about her work in a designated urgent dental care facility in a…
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