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Aesthetic, functional and affordable dentistry
Tif Qureshi explains his ‘pausative’ dentistry concept and the importance of adopting a lifetime approach. What does it mean to…
Clinical Dentistry
Dentsply Sirona announces Suresmile Digital Aligner events
Dentsply Sirona has announced two new Suresmile Digital Aligner workflow events in London on 26 May and Manchester on 8…
It’s easy to get started with Suresmile aligners
Dentsply Sirona explains the many ways it supports new users who start offering Suresmile in their practice. What do you…
How Suresmile Aligners by Dentsply Sirona deliver on business profitability
We ask Suresmile practitioners to share how their practices have grown since offering clear aligners at their practice. With demand…
Suresmile clear aligners – what the experts say
We hear from four Suresmile dentists and one Suresmile user about why they chose Suresmile for clear aligner treatment. Clear…
Tif’s top tips for dentists starting out with clear aligners
Tif Qureshi speaks to Dentistry about starting out with clear aligners and why Suresmile is the most predictable system he’s…
In conversation: intraoral scanning in practice
Mark Barry sits down with Tif Qureshi, Andy Wallace and Daz Singh to discuss their experiences of how working with…
Implant dentistry
Teenager thrilled with simple and cost-effective makeover
Tif Qureshi describes improving the smile of a young patient with tooth wear, using the Dahl technique and composite edge…
Aesthetic dentistry
Why I believe many of us are competing to treat the wrong patients
Rather than chasing new patients, maybe we should be looking to treat our current patients, Tif Qureshi says. All around…
Young Dentist
#habits4life in 2020
Philips Oral Healthcare is a 2020 sponsor of National Smile Month and is focusing on #habits4life. The health of the…
Oral health
Using ABB to link orthodontics and restorative dentistry
Tif Qureshi explains how the ABB process links orthodontics and restorative dentistry and why this is so important. Would you…
Aesthetic dentistry
Tif Qureshi wins Swedish prize for minimally invasive dentistry
UK dentist, Tif Qureshi, and his fellow IAS Academy instructor from Oslo, Erik Svendsrud, recently received the Sverker Prize. The…
Stars of Dentistry announces leading line up of speakers
The award-winning Stars of Dentistry is coming to London on the 13 and 14 September. This year’s leading line up of speakers…
Dental tectonics and the lifetime patient at The London Dentistry Show
Hear one of the Stars of Dentistry, Tif Qureshi speak at the upcoming London Dentistry Show Continued tooth movement is…
Minimally invasive, natural smile makeover delights patient
Tif Qureshi the pioneer of align, bleach, bond and progressive smile design, explains how this proven technique avoids complex and…
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