#habits4life in 2020

Philips launches #habits4life campaignPhilips Oral Healthcare is a 2020 sponsor of National Smile Month and is focusing on #habits4life. The health of the mouth has an impact on the body’s systemic health. There is a correlation between periodontal disease and inflammatory conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

This campaign aims to drive the importance and education around three key oral care habits and create #habits4life. On a daily basis people can take control of their own oral health with the ultimate aim of living healthier lives.

The three pillars of the campaign are:

  1. Visit your dentist when you can. Visiting your dentist regularly helps prevent wider issues for both your oral health and ultimately systemic health
  2. Brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and floss. Taking good care of your oral hygiene ensures a healthier mouth and body
  3. Healthy nutrition (reducing sugar reduces obesity/diabetes risk) and introducing ‘sugar swaps’ is recommended as a healthy diet leads to a healthier life.

What are your new habits4life?

We asked some leading Philips advocates what habit4life they have adopted during lockdown:

Dr Ben Atkins, president of the Oral Health Foundation – ‘I have really stepped up my focus on my bee hives. I have added three new hives and painted them all. Focusing on nature is definitely a new habit4life. I have also stepped up my running; five half marathons in five weeks, plus 10 eight-mile runs. I am now working on my 20-minute plank.’

Dr Tif Qureshi, Inman Align Academy – ‘A little lock down silver lining has been eating better (because I’m not eating on the move) and cooking (finally). I now weigh the same as when I was 25 (not bad at 50).’

Anna Middleton, The London Hygienist – ‘During this time I have explored cooking new and healthy recipes from scratch. As well as trying different types of exercise. I have never been a runner but ran 7k the other day without stopping. I’ve also started Yin yoga, which has been amazing for my mind and body. I discovered I was also a bit of a hoarder so I have had a deep clean of the flat and enjoyed decluttering my space. I am a religious flosser, but have now started using interdental brushes too, and I have a new found love for tongue scraping.’


Dr Andy Wallace, dentist with a special interest in prosthodontics and orthodontics – ‘I have gone through a number of phases of action and reaction during lockdown. Initially it was all-go trying to find some clarification of what is happening and what we should do. As a reaction, I threw myself into exercise, one to two hours per day of running or cycling. This helps calm my mind and take my attention off the incessant need to make plans.

‘As time has gone on I have been doing many of the jobs in the garden that I have never had time (or the inclination) to do. One thing that is for certain is that I am enjoying the time at home. I’ve been catching up with old friends on zoom calls, spending time with the family and getting some level of fitness back. When it is time to go back to dentistry I will definitely be re-evaluating the need to be constantly busy. I’ll actively look for ways to spend more time at home while staying productive and maintaining a fitness routine.’

Megan Fairhall, dental hygienist and tooth whitening trainer, Livetosmile – ‘I have always been conscious to integrate meditation and mindfulness into my life. Since we have been in lockdown it really has given me the opportunity to make this a priority. I like to spend at least 30 minutes a day in deep meditation. I also apply mindfulness to other aspects of my day, like when I’m tooth brushing. Through this I have noticed great benefits. Such as more clarity in my mind and also appreciation for the smaller things in life. So it’s definitely something I am going to continue with and make it my new habit for life.’


Ben Atkins concluded: ‘Philips’ three pillars dovetail with those of the Oral Health Foundation. I applaud the preventive ethos the company is recommending. That developing habits for life is vital if patients are going to achieve both a reduction in levels of decay and periodontal disease. If this also achieves improved knowledge about the systemic risks associated with poor oral health – so much the better.

‘I am working with Philips on a campaign to drive behavioural change in patients as part of a preventive approach. I believe it is not only much more ethical and responsible, but is a far more sustainable model for the profession.’

What is your new habit4life? For more information about Philips Sonicare and Airfloss, which are tools in the dental professional’s armoury to tackle or prevent decay and periodontal disease, please visit www.philips.co.uk/dentalprofessional.

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