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Is the Daily Telegraph letter really supporting the profession?
We should be supporting the work NHS dentists do, not making wild suggestions like those published recently in the Daily Telegraph, Michael…
NHS dentistry ‘catastrophically failing the public’
NHS dentistry is ‘catastrophically failing the public’, a letter published in The Telegraph has claimed. The letter, co-written by five specialists…
Are corporate bodies good for dentistry?
After Bupa agreed to acquire Oasis Dental Care recently, Michael Watson questions whether corporates will be good for dentistry. Last…
Who’s to blame for Bradford’s lack of access to an NHS dentist?
It is the responsibility of the profession to solve the issue over a lack of access to NHS dentistry in…
Half of adults in England not visiting an NHS dentist
Almost half (48.3%) of adults in England haven’t seen an NHS dentist in the last two years, figures from NHS Digital…
Profession calls for more positive messages about NHS dentistry
NHS dentistry should be conveyed more positively in the national press, according to the latest NHS Confidence Monitor survey results. Dental professionals…
Access to NHS dentistry is worrying MPs
Michael Watson says lack of access to NHS services, including dentistry, is always a trigger for MPs to complain. Before…
Preventive treatments should be at the heart of NHS dentistry
NHS dentistry is failing patients most in need due to the targets placed upon them, the BSDHT has claimed. Responding…
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NHS dentistry is ‘failing patients’ who are most in need
The British Dental Association (BDA) has revealed that the NHS dentistry payment system is failing patients most in need. A…
What will the increase in NHS dentistry fees mean?
Could the increase in NHS dentistry fees cause dentists to look elsewhere to reach their UDA target, Michael Watson questions.…
Government announces a 5% hike in NHS dental charges
Jeremy Hunt was accused of sneaking out an inflation-busting hike in dental charges when MPs backs were turned. Fees will…
Prime Minister challenged over lack of NHS dentists
The Prime Minister has been challenged over the lack of NHS dentists in Bradford South at Prime Minister’s Questions recently. Judith…
NHS dentistry letter published in The Telegraph ‘unhelpful’
Tony Kilcoyne’s letter published in The Telegraph was unhelpful to both dentists and NHS dentistry, Michael Watson believes. Last week dentistry hit…
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