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Myth-busting – news about a new face-to-face training programme
Paul Tasman explores the common practice of removing ‘plastic teeth’ and re-educating communities in Tanzania. In rural Tanzania education around…
Bridge2aid – surviving the challenges of COVID-19
Shaenna Loughnane shares with Dentistry Online the challenges the charity has faced in 2020 and how the team has adapted…
Sixfold increase in requests for help from dental crisis charity
A dental charity that supports dentists in times of crisis has received six months’ worth of applications in just three…
Clinician reports on ‘rewarding’ experience with Bridge2aid
Keith McClean reports on his trip to Tanzania as part of Bridge2aid’s work to provide the community with dental care.…
Charity work in Tanzania with bridge2aid
John Makin recounts his time in Tanzania with the charity Bridge2aid. Travelling overseas is always a rewarding experience to learn…
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The history and success of dental charity Bridge2aid
The History and Success of Bridge2Aid Shaenna Loughnane, CEO of Bridge2Aid, a dental charity in the UK operating in Africa,…
Dental Partners becomes Bridge2Aid’s second largest corporate supporter
Dental Partners is now the second largest corporate dental chain supporter of dental charity Bridge2Aid. This achievement was consolidated by…
Lessons learned from Lejog – preperation
After cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats, Les Jones explains some of the lessons he learned along the way.…
Bridge2aid’s unique partnership with Chris Barrow strikes gold!
Bridge2aid’s appeal for new Gold Unity Partners to sign up before Christmas has been met with incredible enthusiasm. In fact,…
Dentistry united
Mark Topley explains how charitable events can help to bring people together. An interesting thing happened at this year’s BDIA…
Dentist runs an ironman in under 16 hours
On Sunday, 15 July, I completed the Ironman Triathlon in a time of 15 hours, 29 minutes and one second. I have…
Why is the charity bike ride so popular?
It’s more than just a bike ride. Mark Topley explains why the charity bike rides seem so popular at the moment.…
Chris Barrow talks about how the Fivegoforth challenge is going
Three days in, Chris Barrow lets us know how the Fivegoforth challenge, a 1,000-mile bike ride from Land’s End to…
How’s the Fivegoforth training going for Les Jones?
Les talks about the difficulties he’s experienced whilst training for Fivegoforth. For more information visit
Setting goals that stretch yourself
Setting goals that really stretch your practice can be a great way to innovate and find new solutions, Les Jones…
What’s your story?
What’s your story and are you telling people about it, Mark Topley asks. As the Native American proverb says: ‘Tell…
There’s a new normal for responsible business
The latest move from Blackrock could create a new shift in direction for businesses, Mark Topley says. Every now and then something pops up…
Will CSR be a focus for your business this year?
Implementing a CSR strategy this year could be very rewarding for your practice, says Nigel Jones. Although different businesses have…
Your chance to race at the Olympic Velodrome in London
Imagine racing at the Olympic Velodrome in London. This is your chance to take advantage of an amazing opportunity to…
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