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How the need to phase down the use of amalgam is reshaping the caries prevention landscape
The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme explains how the phasing down of amalgam could lead to a renewed focus on prevention.…
Oral health
Keeping your patients motivated
Dental hygiene therapist, Victoria Wilson, provides practical advice on how to communicate good oral care advice to patients. Although maintaining…
Oral health
Chewing sugarfree gum could save billions in the treatment of tooth decay
Chewing sugarfree gum could save billions worldwide, new research from Wrigley claims. According to the World Health Organization website, tooth…
Oral health
Safeguarding the oral health of young people
Professor Chris Deery explains how to help improve the oral health of your paediatric patients. Since the 1970s, the prevalence of…
Oral health
Could sugarfree gum improve your oral health?
Chewing sugarfree gum after eating or drinking is a valuable tool that can help support good oral hygiene at times where…
Oral health
Local charity promoting better oral health to children most in need, supported by dental school and foundation
It’s back to school time and, for some children in the UK, the good news is their term may start…
Oral health
Wrigley leads the way in saliva and oral health
Saliva and Oral Health Part 1: Maintaining Oral Health – Preventing Dental Disease is now available at www.wrigleyoralhealthcare.co.uk/cpd. It aims to help…
Oral health
Oral and systemic health implications of saliva
To mark the launch of National Smile Month, on 21 May the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme launched its first ever…
Oral health
Oral health benefits of sugarfree gum
Abstract The use of sugar-free gum provides a proven anti-caries benefit, but other oral health effects are less clearly elucidated.…
Oral health
Periodontal disease and systemic health: An update on the current consensus
Over the last ten years the impact of periodontal disease on systemic health has been the focus of intense interest,…
Oral health
The role of saliva in oral and systemic health
Saliva is a vital body fluid, without it, continued healthy functioning of the oral cavity would not be possible. The…
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