Oral and systemic health implications of saliva

To mark the launch of National Smile Month, on 21 May the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme launched its first ever live webinar ‘Oral and Systemic Health Implications of Saliva’ on dentistry-academy.com.

Dental hygienist and trained nutritionist Juliette Reeves (pictured) authored and presented the one hour session.

It was a great success, receiving positive feedback from those watching the live broadcast; with one dental professional feeding back that it was a ‘very useful review of saliva production, composition and function, as well as xerostomia’, and another saying it was ‘very informative and useful for giving out advice to patients’.

This presentation brings together some of the most current research regarding the vital part saliva plays in, not only oral health, but also nutrition, systemic and psychological wellbeing.

The session is CPD (continuous professional development) verifiable and covers the latest information and understanding of the associations between oral and systemic health, along with the aetiology, diagnosis and clinical implications of xerostomia.

New insights into the role of salivary antioxidants as factors influencing susceptibility and progression of periodontal disease and recurrent apthous ulceration are presented, as well as the role the hygienist plays in the management of xerostomia.

If you couldn’t view the live broadcast you don’t have to miss out on this highly rated session.

It’s still available to view on dentistry-academy.com.

What’s more, there will be additional, brand new, free CPD opportunities on the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme website in the coming months.

Following the presentation, participants will have a greater understanding of:

  • Current research surrounding the associations between oral and systemic health
  • The role of saliva in nutrition, systemic and psychological wellbeing
  • The systemic and clinical implications of xerostomia along with management techniques
  • Current research surrounding the use of saliva as a diagnostic tool and the implications for future patient screening, monitoring and treatment planning.

Providing clinical research and education opportunities on the important role saliva plays for better oral health, is key to the core aims of the Wrigley Oral Healthcare Programme, in giving dental professionals the tools to recommend chewing sugar-free gum to patients.

Research from around the world has shown conclusively that including sugar-free gum in patients’ daily oral healthcare routines positively affects oral health.

Go to www.wrigleyoralhealthcare.co.uk to find out more and to download Wrigley’s new ‘Talking to your patients about chewing sugar-free gum’ fact sheet.

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