Dental expert’s concern at public apathy to oral health

A leading dental hygienist and therapist has expressed concern following a recent survey of the British public, revealing that, while people are concerned about losing their teeth, only 10% of them actually follow the recommended regime for good oral health.

The survey of adults over 35 found that dental advice is key to improving oral health, with 66% saying dentists are their biggest influence on their oral health habits. However, only 50% of those surveyed keep to the recommended biannual dental check-ups.

The survey has found that 9 in 10 of us are concerned about dental health, with 87% identifying bad breath and gum disease as two of their top concerns.

A worrying 6% said that they haven’t been to the dentist since they were a child and 5% claim never to use toothpaste.

Bal Chana, a dental hygienist and therapist and president of the Dental Therapy Association said: ‘Most people remember to brush their teeth daily, but may not be concerned about their choice of product or regime. Concern about oral health is not mirrored by investment in a good regime to protect teeth. I would recommend to all my patients that they use a clinically proven, premium oral care range; brush twice a day for at least two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste; use floss or interdental brushes and an alcohol-free mouthwash; avoid sugary and acidic food – for optimal care at home between regular visits to the dentist and hygienist and/or therapist’.

The Ultradex Performance Oral Care range offers a complete regime that protects teeth and gums, restores natural whiteness and instantly eliminates bad breath for 12 hours, for the 363 days a year you don’t visit the dentist.

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