Martin Fallowfield

Martin Fallowfield

Author at Dentistry Online

Martin is the owner and founder of the Smile Oralcare practice. He founded his own practice in 1983. For 17 years he helped it grow into a highly successful enterprise. Martin then decided that the time was right for a new kind of dental practice. Oralcare was developed over a four-year period and finally came to fruition in February 2001. Martin has two daughters who are at Kirkstone House School where his wife, Caroline is a teacher. He is a gadget freak and has more than a passing interest in wines.

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AGP, PPE, FFP3 – it’s all ACPs

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to ACPs, Martin Fallowfield says. Here he explains what they are. Many years ago as a stripling dental student I worked, along with several other bright young things, as a temporary sales representative for Colgate-Hoyt; visiting dental practices and introducing them to Colgate’s myriad fluoride products. My territory … Continued

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